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Hello and welcome! 

I'd like to introduce you to my newest and most fantastic secret for not only looking and feeling better, but actually defying your age. You're here because you've heard about "The Gel." 

Yes!  Everyone's talking about it, but is it legit? I'm here to give you all of the juicy details, both good and bad, because we're all so sick and tired of hearing the marketing hype. We want the facts, the science and actual customer reviews from people who are not interested in selling you a product, am I right?   

As a seasoned professional, I know that the quickest way to earn your trust  is to be vulnerable, so I'm going to give it to you straight. My interest in this product was pure vanity. I had been laying awake at night, listening to my face wrinkle, fearful of turning over on my face because it would further deepen the devastating crevices in my dry shriveling 57 year old skin. 

I heard it through the grapevine that HGH helps your body produce collagen, and I love the idea of homeopathy, where a minute dose of a natural substance can be so powerful it stimulates your pituitary gland to safely create more.  

Bottom line, I've hit the mother load. Yes, it's totally real and I can prove it to you because I'm that person that googles every ingredient, searches for the source, checks the processing method and tracks down the company history. 

This website is brand spankin' new folks, because all of my information has been plugged into a Facebook Group called "HGH Gel FAQS and Customer Reviews." Turns out not everybody likes Facebook,  so please bear with me while I transfer over a ton of valuable information. 

In the meantime, if you want to know more about this innovative, market disrupting viral product, please fill out the form so I can hook you up. Everything you need to know to make an informed decision about the only FDA Registered Homeopathic Transdermal HGH/Human Growth Hormone Gel. 

***Currently only available for purchase in the USA.

PS.  If you ARE on Facebook, click the social media link button below, send me a friend request and a private message. I'll provide you with the link to my secret FB group:  HGH Gel FAQ's and Customer Reviews. Be well!
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Judy is a wealth of information, and if she doesn’t know it, she’ll find it or figure it out!
I was encouraged to contact Judy for more information about this homeopathic HGH gel.  A brief message via Facebook and we ended up on a fabulous first call.  Judy felt like someone I’d known already as we talked about the product, business ethics how we both felt it was important to do our own research and have an authentic first hand experience when talking to or promoting  anything to others.  

Currently I am working within the organization, using the HGH product myself.  Not being any longer in a highly regimented corporation, it is a different world as an entrepreneur, requiring discipline and structure.
As well, I hold various certifications in the natural health realm and have a great respect for Judy’s knowledge, experience, organizational skills and her sense of provision and service to and for others.
Judy is a wealth of information, and if she doesn’t know it, she’ll find it or figure it out!  She leaves her treasure trove of information accessible, and leaves herself accessible as well if needed.  

You want Judy on your team and in turn want to be on hers! These are the characteristics of friendship and success and are appreciated.
...goes above and beyond to help anyone working with her or that needs help. 
Judy is a committed, dedicated professional and an inspiration to work with. She’s extremely knowledgeable concerning network marketing and goes above and beyond to help anyone working with her or that needs help. 

She has spent countless hours helping others build their businesses knowing we are all in this together. She is always available and lifts your spirits in times of struggle. That makes for a great leader and one you actually get excited about following. 

She recognizes problems fast and seeks solutions to fix them even faster. She has developed an automatic email system for new customers that makes all of her business partners live’s much easier and helps secure everyone’s business. 

It answers questions and directs people to hard to find answers, which frees everyone’s time up. Judy is very focused and is a great listener with a positive outlook and has a go get em attitude. I could not have picked a better person to work with. I would jump in a boat and row hard towards any storm with Judy at the helm! 
She is a giving person and I consider myself one of the lucky ones...
I have only known Judy a short time but it didn't take long to recognize that she is very generous of her time, energy and support of all business owners, entrepreneurs, and especially those of us in the Network Marketing profession. 

On so many occasions I see her offering free video training, free webinars and sound advice to help us all grow our respective businesses...and not for any personal or financial gain for herself. 

She is a giving person and I consider myself one of the lucky ones for having met her and having benefited from all the information and support she has given me in this short period of time. Thanks Judy!! 
Her suggestions have increased my 
social media exposure. 
I met Judy at an event and have been following her on social media ever since. She coached me in a social media course and her suggestions have increased my social media exposure.

For example, when using IG and FB, don't make a FB post from your IG platform. The hashtags are important in IG, but their use will restrict your exposure on FB. Do each post separately.

Also, when using FB, a video can be used on your profile timeline to direct "watchers" to your team private page. Turn your phone sideways when doing a video to get a full screen picture. 

All of these tips have really helped this social media novice! 
I cannot thank her enough.
Judy is a wonderful lady ~ she has such a happy personality! She loves helping people doing whatever she can. She is friendly, answers all questions effortlessly, and is very detailed and thorough. She introduced me to a new healthy lifestyle change that I cannot thank her enough for!
Never did we once feel that you were 
trying to sell us a product. 
Judy, thank you for the personal care you gave our family. I so appreciated that you first listened, and second asked questions for clarification.

Never once did we feel like you were trying to sell us a product. You were more concerned with improving our health. The products you recommend can sell themselves, but you made me want to TEAM UP with you and tackle this together. 

The support you gave us was so helpful in those beginning days. I genuinely appreciated that you would find an answer when you didn't know it then. 

I enjoyed your notes of encouragement. I felt honored that you were real with sharing your own weight loss struggles with me. I am thankful for the friendship that came so easily, not because I was purchasing something but because you are a genuinely awesome person who it is easy to befriend! 

Thank you for making time to walk this journey with us. Your spunk and enthusiasm for life are contagious and make it an absolute joy walking through life together.
Super knowledgeable.
I have loved working with Judy. Super knowledgeable and always willing to help! 
The right plan for me.
Once I decided it was time for me to make a healthy lifestyle change, Judy was there every step of the way! 

She provided guidance to get me on the right plan for me. She is always there with encouragement and motivation. 

She's the best cheerleader for your successes!! Judy is simply amazing. There is no one more genuine and caring!
Feeling better than I have in years. 
Working with Judy is a pleasure! She has assisted me in shedding unwanted pounds, getting healthy and feeling better than I have in years. I highly recommend Judy.
I had a very easy time adapting.
Judy is more knowledgeable than most doctors I've spoken with regarding nutrition and healthy weight loss advice. The information she provides explains why diets don't work. I had a very easy time adapting to her system because I was still able to enjoy the foods I love (in moderation!) She inspires me daily to continue on my weight loss trek.
Bravo Judy! 
In an attempt to feel better, more vibrant and healthy I discovered Judy and the products she uses personally. This is not another diet program, but a program to live an overall healthier lifestyle and to feel more energetic and healthy. 

I'm not easily convinced, but there is a lot of research and scientific study behind this. Judy goes above and beyond to help on your journey to a healthier you. There is also a lot of information and support of from other users readily available. 

I recommend Judy's services to anyone who wants to feel better, have more energy and fight the effects of aging. 

Bravo Judy, your doing so much to help others!
Judy is the key.
Judy is awesome!! She's very knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness. While the products she recommends are great, Judy is the key to your success. 

I feel so much better! I think clearer, am more focused, have a better memory and more energy. I highly recommend Judy! 
Highly recommend!
Judy's incredible, and I would highly recommend her. She worked with me to outline a personal health plan based on my medical history and personal goals. 

Judy is very knowledgeable about nutrition and the science behind it. She explained how to fuel my body, to help it work at it's maximum capacity, and how to achieve my goals. 

I am losing weight, building strong lean muscles and eating well. I am now feeling more focused, energized and healthier than I've ever been. 
I am very impressed with Judy!
Happier and healthier me!!
Judy has spent countless hours researching not only the products she recommends but the best ways to use them and get healthy. 

Thanks to her knowledge and encouragement I am on my way to a happy and healthier me!! If there is something she does not know off hand she will research it till she does. 

She has been a great coach and more importantly a true friend!! I highly recommend her.
Outlined a plan...
I love working with Judy. She is very professional, patient and knowledgable. 

During my phone consultation, Judy reviewed my health challenges and goals with me, then outlined a plan to help me achieve these goals. 

Within a very short time I regained my energy, lost the weight, and went from a size 13 to a size 5. I highly recommend her services!
...winning combination!
Judy is indeed very inspirational. Her joy, her energy, her genuineness and commitment to help others succeed is a winning combination! 
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